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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
10:19 PM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

I'm so so so sorry for the super late update the change my blog url.


There you go! =)
Sunday, August 19, 2007
1:30 AM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

I've moved.


But would still be trying to updating both blogs :D this blog would still be here im not closing this blog. so no worries.
but more to be updating over at xanga. :D

do link up :D
Friday, August 17, 2007
10:38 PM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

1038pm. :D

Today i went to school. with phone, wallet & keys. & i love it. LOL. no more heavy bags :D & thanks randy ah! for like, bringing psp to school letting me to play.. haha! :D its fun but difficulty level high la! ):

Today, maths class. that crazy frog dint came, or i should say, dont dare to teach this class. HAHA :D i love getting him irritated, tempered. I JUST LOVE IT. He is just a, BIG BIG POKE FACE MORON.

I was just merely asking him a question yet he shouted at me. HEY MR CRAZY FROG, Im not giving you any comments -.- please, i wont give you comments, but i will click on ' report offensive contents ' . AHAHAHAHHA. User is sending spam. User is imitating a friend. YES YOU ARE! DEFINITELY BAN FOR SURE... HAHAHAAHA

One of my malay classmate got canned in class today. -.- stupid. & went home straight after school. Bro's friend was over here. LOL. stupid 2 fuggin gays. HAHAHA. Mom was in my room watching tv. Guess what i did. I sat beside her. i kept pushing her. HAHHA then i was alone there laughing like a really retard from IMH. HAHAHA

Was awaiting for audition server to be done with its checking. but i fell asleep -.-
i was saying, i love sleeping :D im not pig please -.-

I'll be changing blogskin soon & i need ideas ):
I MISS, wad wad wad.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
3:36 PM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

Class today was fun!
especially before music & during history. hahaha!

We've English class test today. I, don't really know how to write on any topics given. LOL. So i chose the topic, ' Greed ' . Practically, i don't know how am i going to start off with. So i recall back to year 2005 when i was P6.

During that year, i remeber my form teacher, Ms Siti. :D She taught us ALOT of ways starting a essay. I din't forget her words! :D thats a very good thing. Because she helped me in my english alot during that year. & thats when my english started improving.

Recalling from the past, I remembered! :D i'll start off with a proverb. The only proverb that i can think of about this topic was ' once bitten twice shy ' . & i used that to start my essay. Slowly, i continued writting my essay down.

My whole essay was about, ' Love Greed ' . -.- thats crap? LOL. k whatever. Theres a girl who wants to make alot of guys to become her boyfriend. Is that call greed? omf -.- LOL. which means, she wanna hook up alot of guys & caused to lose a friendship. Thats what my proverb was talking about. BLAAAA. LOL.

Before music class, just as when we're moving on to music class. this Felicia. LOL. She was yelling away at mrs lim. LOL. She did that, rooster sound effect. LOL. pok pok keh. AHAHAHAH. she shouted LIM AI FOON so damn loud. LOLolOL! i was cracking out like mad.

After Recess was history common test. -.- i did multiple choice & fell asleep alrdy. Oops. i dint meant to do that. LOL. i just cant control it. sad . =x LOL. Happily sleeping till the test end. that was greaaat. the sleeping boost my energy. LOL!

& we've History class. LOL! Feliciaaa was like, kept doing funny stuffs. LOL. it was damn funny. HAHAHA. we went around snapping people's forehead & say, ' hom ma li hom ' LOL! god. its really really fun. HAHA :D

After school, i went home by hitching a rid from felicia's cab. yay :D LOL. dont have to walk a bloody long journey home. :D got home, had my instant noodles & came online!
I'll soon be going off to read my new book that i've bought yesterday! :D

One Girl Two Decks, Three degrees of love by Johnny Zucker. :D
Finishing soon! 30more pages to complete (:
Went to movie with Jessie:D
Sunday, August 12, 2007
1:07 AM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

Another day out with my darlingg Jessieeee :D
Both of us went for a Movie :D ' Secret ' .
Jasmine rated 9/10. LOL;
*half of it goes to his charming looks. LOL. alright joke -.-

And i swear i'll never let a coin to make decisions! LOL. At the beginning, we're not sure if we wanted to go to Marina Square for Movie or Town. So we tossed the coin & it was to Marina Square. Fine, we went along to it.

We've reached Marina Square. Went checking for the timing & it was NOT EVEN SHOWING AT GV AT M.S. FUCK DAMN! Since Suntec was near, so we walked to suntec. 2towers to Eng Wah Cinema..Same thing, NOT SHOWING. I FUCK ENGWAH! Jessie & I were so fucking bloody boiling hot. LOL

So we've to went all the way down to Cineleisure. We love Cathay! :D Queue-ed for tickets. After 15mins, got popcorns ready & weeee. we went in to the theatre. omf -.- im cold. LOL. We're sitting at the corners. So yea~ Jay was definitely SUPER CUTE in the movie, SUPER ROMANTIC, he made me soon to be going crazy. omf D: LOL.

LOL. I video-ed down the Casting of the movie -.- LOL.

After movie was 7pm already. So we went to Heeren to take a walk. rofl :D And decided to walk back to Plaza Sing. We've NO IDEA where to settle dinner. LOL. Up & down, down & up. LOL. Finally we got settled at long john -.- GOD. ITS FATTENING. LOL

We both tried out Grill2. -.- I realised, they don't provide spoons. LOL. how are we going to eat the rice without spoons. LOL! I've a hard time scooping the rice. AHAHAHAHHA. After dinner, went home already.. We're super tired after the movie.

I wanna go off now! im chatting with sol on the phone now anyway :D needa pay attention. LOL!

Stupid Jasmine acting retarded. LOL :D
A simple friday ((:
Friday, August 10, 2007
11:59 PM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

Exactly 2am now :D super Jasmine is here to blog.

I was at home the whole noon. Watching NDP07 which i've recorded it down last night. Yeaaa. after watching, i came online. i got tuned in on habbosoup! :D im desperate for some music to turn me on. yea baby.

till it was around 5pm, Jessie came over to my place cus, we're gng for dinner together with Jasmine & Josephine later on. I was over at audition playing with solques. Oh dead. Im supposed to help him to get his license but till now, still not! omf. sorry solques ): LOL. 6.45pm? Left the house!

Walked down to mall & met those 2 there. enterrreedd the arcade. -.- still not change. alamak. can they get some DDR there or what. LOL. Andy treat us all free games. thannkkks ah :D i knew he missed me. HAHA. Not long later, went to foodcourt.

I wasn't that hungry so i've desserts there. & went back again to arcade. i started yawning away. oooooops. LOL. I saw NTUC! LOL. & decided to buy tomato fries snack. >;] & Teenage magazine. Giant posters of S.H.E & Movie ft-ing ' Secret ' by Jay :D its niceeeeee.
I wanna catch that tmr! i wanna go out tmr! i wanna buy red skinnes! i wanna buy red cardigan! i wanna buy new clutch! i wanna buy bean-bag pillow! i wanna buy so many bloody stuffs laaaaaa D:

Mom said she was my ATM. LOL. of course! im still not up to the legal age of 18. So you're responsible for it. LOL! We strolled back home. Jessie needa went home & the other 2 came over to my place & they left shortly as well. Rofl~ xD

I've pictures to post! but not now yeah? i still needa to something to those pictures yeah. But for now, video clip at arcade! :D LOL. I've no idea why i kept posting videos now & then. Its better than photos right :D

& This video was LAST NIGHT, 09-08-07 (National Day);
The Parachute! LOL. I doubt you people will see anything -.- LOL. well, just try to strain your eyes & u'll get to see some little firefiles. LOL =x

-Yawn. I needa sleep.
Jasmine hate eyebags. :D

Happy National Day :D
Thursday, August 09, 2007
11:59 PM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

Happy National Day :D
Its already 10aug here for me. LOL cause im blogging now at 210am.

My 2feets are really having bad pain. D:
i think this entry would be QUITE long =x

I really had a fun filled day with Jessie, Nicholas & Solques. Thankkkkkkkkkkks for accompanying this Jasmine here tonight :D heehe.

Went to meet Jessie, my precious darling at 1.30pm+ today. Weather was goooood. so we went to Far East. it've been a long time that i've went there. Both of us went to long john for like late lunch? yeahhh.

After lunch, went to DTL. yaaaa. no standard la! alamak. LOL. We went around & around. It was pretty quiet. i supposed its because of, today's weekday! i've bought this rolling stones tee. AHAHAHA. its so prettttty. & y i saw guys wearing this. fffffff the gays. not suitable for guys PLEASE. stop acting gay. :D

So we're bored around..decided to take underpass. LOL. ended up at shaw house. so underpass AGAIN, to Wheelock place. LOL! cross the bloody junction, after construction, to MRT. & to Plaza Sing. We're at arcade. aaaaalottttt of youngsters. & saw Angeline & her friend there. Oh hello :D

It was reaching 5pm soon. Left to the MRT platform. WAITED FOR MR SOLQUES. LOL. Nicholas was already waiting for us at CityHall. OOOOPS. dont blame me ): solques late. not me. & MRT fault & Singaporean fault for not letting us in the crampy squeezy train. LOL! Jessie had left with Jaron to other place. Thanks darling for the accompany in the noon.

Reached Cityhall! ahahaha. Solques is still. damn quiet. fffff. i have to keep dragging him bside me. LOL he is just like, walking far apart from us. alamak. i've no sars or whatttt. PLEASE, DONT GAIN PHOBIA FROM ME. LOL! We walked through the Citylink to Marina Square. HAHAHAHA. I feel like, im so...noisy there. LOL. It just seems like, ive been the one, entertaining 2 of them. ALIBABABAAAAAAAAAA. LOL. & we went to....LJS. full laaaaaa. & to...STARBUCKS. stupid Nicholas. insisted on starbucks where i CANT RESIST MYSELF FOR THAT ICED MOCHAAAA WHICH I'VE BEEN MISSING IT FOR WEEKS. LOL. Open Space outside the Starbucks was like - ALREADY GETTING FULL WITH PEOPLE. LOL

We moved to Macs. -.- Queue fucking long. & we're sitting a place like without aircon there. HOTTTTT. LOL. so we moved back to StarBucks. Alamak. Nicholas went to fetch his friend for like 45mins -.- LOL. Solques & i were there sitting on the sofffaaaaa. & really laughed alot la. LOL! stupid policeman stand there for what! remind me of solques's npcc stuff. AHAHAHHAHA

And suddenly, this aircraft stuffs flew. Singaporeans were RUSHING LIKE FUCK. LOL! As if they had'ent heard of aircraft flying pass before. HAHAHAHAHA! Yunting then came. she was haha-talking to me. LOL. & left after awhile. We're still sitting there with my little iced mocha. Nicholas was back at likee. 7pm. Sat there for awhileeeeee. I was giggling like a mad woman there -.- LOL.

& suddenly, this building startled the fireworks. FFFFF. i thought it was what. LOL. & around 7.45pm. Left StarBucks. Went outside. it was...fucking squeezy, fucking hot. fucking dark for me to walk. LOL. we're like squeeeeeezing all the way to a place under that coconut tree. LOL. I saw this night parachute. LOL. it was smile man. like a little fireflies flying around.HAHAHAHA. I took photos of it. but it was RATHER BLUR & SMALL. LOL try spotting it. :D

We waited quite long. So decided to walk back to the shopping mall. it was dark. path was really 'closed' to me. LOL but we still managed to walk through. But there was this fucking idiot girl. SCREAM AT MY EAR. OMF. MY EAR NEARLY WENT ON DEAF EAR. Finally, went in to the shopping mall. lalala. went to this..foodcourt it was FLOODED. F-L-O-O-D-E-D! LOL. So we went down. Alamak. LOL. As we went out, the fireworks started already. when we're behind this marina square. LOL.

Blaaaaah. Only managed to watch like, 1/3 of it. But its alright. i prefer watching it live than on tv. no spirits at allll daaahhh. :D the fireworks are real loud -.- LOL. i kept covering ears. & this stupid solques kept beaming away. LOL.

LOL. there's a part where i forgot to pause. well, just listen to the conversation. LOL! =x

After the fireworks, really too tired to walk. LOL we sat down there. enjoying the night breeze. HAHAHAA. felt like sleeping alrdy -.- but i dint la. LOL . cant expect me to sleep there OPENLY IN THE PUBLIC RIGHT. Till it was like, 9pm? we left there. To, one of the big pillar inside the mall.. LOL, we're damn childish. going round & round. tap around. HAHA. funny la nich. this idiot coke start punching me. OUCH OUCH OUCHHHHHH. i punched him back. blaaaaaa. LOL

9.30pm - Nicholas gotta go. & Solques that superleg walked to bugis to bus home. LOL. & i went to asian kitchen to meet Jessie, Carina & Meyi. LOL.

Im super retarded there though. I started to blab all the 'broken' jap language. LOL. even the waitress were speaking, i was acting as if i am from japan. LOL! Its real real funny. It was getting quite late. 10.30pm & we went out of Marina Square. Wanted to take cab. but not even a single sight of it. So Carina & meiyi took mrt back first.

Damn, darling & i should have followed them. LOL. We waited for quite long. & decided to move on to Suntec. there're more road junctions there. sooo i thought we're able to catch a cab faster. BUT MOST OF THEM WERE ON CALL. FFFFFF. So i called up to see if we're able to call on a cab...sadly, WE'VE TO WAIT FOR 30-45MINS FOR 1 CAB. DAMN YOU.

Drop the idea of taking cab home -.- walked back to Marina MRT. Halfway through the citylink, ANOTHER MATTER CROP OUT. which the sercurity guards show us the way to another way? Citylink had a MEGA MEGA MEGA PEOPLE JAM. So alot pple took the stairs up? TIRING. we're like lack of oxygen there. LOL! & it leaded us to a road junction...ZZZZZZZZ! WALKED TO RAFFLES MRT. MEGA FUCKKKKKKK.

Took MRT back to Dhoby Ghaut. -.- we're really deadbeat. we sat on the floor. LOL. Journey back home bring back the old memories. zzz...we're talking about back & histories. alamak. made us upset. D: asdasdasd! LOL. shhh. =x Reached Sengkang at 11pm. -.- & took LRT backkk homeee. IT WAS EMPTY. LOLOLOL! first time taking a LRT home with like afew commuters only. whoaaaa~ LOL

Walkeeed home from there. REALLY QUIET. omf. -.- i was afraid wad if some perverts jump out from nowhere. LOL! kept looking back on the way home. LOLOLOL =x & 11.15pm. I, F I N A L L Y R E A C H E D H O M E ! OMGGGGGGG. ITS REALLY FINALLY. LOL. took a batheee & brother ordered mac delivery. it seems like the deliver boy slideeeed his motor. i saw his whole arm are like....EEEEK. its bleeding & his shirt. & his toes. EEEEEK. LOL.

I MUST END NOW. MUSTTT. LOL my hands are getting tired.
& i wanna go to bed now.
12:36 AM
♥ Our song is the slamming screen door
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow ♥

Hey. before falling asleep. im here again to blog :D
its 12:38am now. which means ya,
Happy 42th Birthday to Singapore.

& im excited abt tmr :D
hehee. Jessie will be like more to be alone D: but darling, you've still got me alright. :D i'm always here :)

Ughs..what to blog abt =/ RAAAAH. anyway, if my t.board is commented by filthy fuckers, im not gonna get fucked up. im not gonna get fed up. Because Celeste taught me how to fuck care these kind of people. no matter who hates me in school, outside or whatever. i wont be giving a fuck damn to it ok :D

I lead my own life, no need feelah feelah fuckers to comment about myself, my life :D mind your own fucking crap life. :D especially the one i hate in school. D: you know i super hate you? :D

okokkk, gng to bed now!